Enviroconsult has extensive experience dealing with the environmental aspects of planning applications. With over 20 years’ experience as the pollution control Environmental Health consultee reviewing environmental information supporting planning applications, and over 8 years as an independent consult both submitting environmental information in support of planning applications, Enviroconsult is well placed to assist both public and private sector clients. Moreover, Enviroconsult often works in partnership with Attwood Planning Limited (www.attwoodplanning.co.uk), and is able offer a truly comprehensive service to meet any of your planning needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Noise consultancy
  • Odour consultancy
  • Air Quality consultancy (including nuisance dusts evaluation)
  • Screening assessments for contaminated land Appeals and public inquiry expert witness work.
Emergency Response

Emergency Response “We’ve had an incident…” are words that normally precede what can become a costly, resource intensive and potentially very damaging (both from a business continuity and corporate image perspective) period in the life of any organisation.  The use of the term “incident” or “event” rather than “accident” or “emission” is normally a deliberate choice on the part of the person reporting it.  However, in both cases the reason for such terminology is clear.  The occurrence was one not planned for, or one which overwhelmed existing emergency plans and has effectively escaped the control of the person or organisation responsible for dealing with it.

You can never entirely deal with the risks associated with the incidents occurring, but you can have appropriate plans in place to react to them.  Using HAZard IDentificaton (HAZID) or HAZard Operation (HAZOP) analysis, or Event Impact Analysis, Enviroconsult can help evaluate risks and control measures in order provide a level of comfort that, if the worst should happen, you have at least got a plan and a means to implement it.  This will comply with the requirements of legislation (and reduce the chance of expensive enforcement action) and provide comfort to staff actively dealing with the incident.  Such plans, because they identify and evaluate risk may also reduce insurance premiums.

Whilst no one expects an emergency, if one does occur, it doesn’t have to become a disaster!

Hazardous Chemicals

Control and use of hazardous chemicals is a specialist area.  Whether you are handling waste, or producing chemicals with potential hazard ratings Enviroconsult may be able to help you evaluate your existing compliance with legislation, or review controls or processes in light of changing legislative requirements.

With an extensive list of specialist contacts, ranging from specialist waste contractors and waste carriers, to storage and containment experts and monitoring and contamination experts, Enviroconsult is well placed to evaluate your needs and provide guidance on how to improve processes.

Whether you are looking for COSHH assessments or advice or more in depth risk assessments or compliance reporting, Enviroconsult can help.


Hazard analysis and risk assessment of processes, procedures or systems can be valuable to public and private sector clients.  Whether you are seeking to evaluate control mechanisms or highlight cirtical areas of your work hazard identification and analysis techniques can readily assist.  Enviroconsult has experience in carrying out policy, process and procedural risk assessment and evaluation, across a number of industry sectors and different regulatory regimes.

HAZID (Hazard Identification Analysis)

HAZard IDentification (HAZID) is a well-established methodology for identifying and analysing hazards.  A HAZID is a systematic assessment to identify hazards and problem areas associated with plant, systems, operations, design and maintenance of policies, procedures or processes. HAZID can be used a key element of Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) on its own to help evaluate risk.

Enviroconsult has significant experience identifying hazards from over 20 years of working with industry and local authorities, to evaluate processes, procedures and policies.  HAZID is a key element for any organisation seeking to understand and manage risk associated with its activities.

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis)

HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) is a systematic means of identifying, quantifying and evaluating hazards  within operational processes.   Similar to HAZID, HAZOP goes further to provide a more detailed review of processes, procedures or plant by evaluating them against the design specification in order to highlight non-conformance.   HAZOP is also used as valuable part of a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA).

Enviroconsult has experience using HAZOP and tailoring  the technique to meet customer requirements.  With over 20 years of regulatory and consultancy experience Enviroconsult has significant experience dealing with process review and hazard analysis within a structured and robust manner.

BOWTIE analysis

Bowtie analysis relies on having identified potential hazards, and then uses a robust collaborative review with the client to test the prevention and control measures, which may cause a hazard to arise, as well as the mitigation effects which might lessen the impact of a hazard should it occur.

BOWTIE helps identify a series of threats that might cause the hazard to occur, and provides a high impact visual evaluation of those threats, it also identifies the control measures that are helping prevent those threats.  Similarly BOWTIE analysis enables clients to evaluate the potential impact of hazards occurring, and helps establish which mitigation measures might reduce or eliminate the impact.

BOWTIE is a very useful risk assessment tool that readily identifies potential liabilities.  Enviroconsult has experience carrying out BOWTIE evaluations.


The Licensing Act 2003 requires that the following classes of premises require licenses for:

  • The Sale of Alcohol
  • The Supply of Alcohol (Clubs only)
  • The Provision of Regulated Entertainment

Regulated entertainment includes:

  • The performance of a play
  • Exhibition of a film
  • Indoor Sporting Event
  • Boxing or Wrestling
  • Live Music (and similar)
  • Recorded Music (and similar)
  • Performance of Dance (and similar)
  • Provision of facilities for making music & dancing (and similar)

At Enviroconsult we specialise in licensing of entertainment venues (particularly those with music events).  We can provide customers with help to deal with the legislation and associated guidance, and in particular where changes to planning consent or health and safety advice are also identified we can provide a holistic service.

Whether there is a need to apply for (or vary) a premises licence, or there are complaints about licensed activities we can assist.

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