Certain industrial processes prescribed under Schedule 1 Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 require permits to operate.  Those permits set environmental standards that need to be complied with in accordance with BAT (Best Available Techniques).

BAT varies from company to company, and between industrial sectors making environmental permits and even between locations, hence the standards required are site (and company) specific.  The responsibility to comply with BAT rests with each site operator.

With over 20 years’ experience regulating permitted installations across a wide range of industrial sectors*, Enviroconsult is in a position to help both regulators and operators comply with their legal requirements,  whilst understanding and recognising that compliance should complement the manufacturing process rather than dictate it.

Use of HAZard OPeration (HAZOP) analysis techniques can help inform cost effective control measures or prioritise mitigation planning and is a valuable additional tool in helping demonstrate compliance.  Enviroconsult is able to help companies and regulators evaluate control measures and seek cost effective solutions to problems.

For Operators of all aspects of EPR:

  • Assistance with applications or variations
  • Review of operational policies or procedures
  • Process compliance audits
  • Compliance advice (based on experience from many industrial sectors)
  • Liaison with regulators
  • Compilation of reports and environmental returns
  • EPR updates and training
  • Expert witness advice
  • Expert witness review in appeal situations
  • Advice, guidance and updates for contract teams as required
  • Annual review of terms and requirements

For Regulators:

  • Assistance with processing applications or variations
  • Review of operational policies or procedures
  • Process compliance audits
  • Expert advice on permitting issues
  • EPR updates and training
  • Expert witness services
  • Permit inspections
  • Enforcement, including document preparation and witness statements
  • Expert witness
  • Contract cover (short or long term)

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